Candy Camera for Selfie PC Download (Windows 7/8/8.1)

Hello folks, in this tutorial I am giving you method to download Candy Camera for Selfie on PC available on Windows 7, Windows 8 easily.

It is the age of clicking awesome pics and most importantly clicking selfies. Who seriously doesn’t love getting tons of likes and comments over social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter? And thus to help all the photoholics and the Selfieholic to save themselves, Google Play Store has brought in an endless collection of photo editing apps that further make it easier for any user, seriously anyone to look the best. And bossing out this lead is the Candy Camera for Selfie. link.

All hail to Candy Camera for Selfie for being such a useful stuff for one and all; and most importantly to all the selfie freaks. While the other similar apps had been good only for few pics, Candy Camera for Selfie becomes the perfect option for all.

candy camera selfie download

From those single pics to those cherishing selfies, Candy Camera for Selfie becomes the ultimate choice for all.

Features of Candy Camera for Selfie PC :

While the app has received more than 50,000,000 downloads from across all the Smartphone users, the 5,000,000 users further goes on to prove how useful and most importantly popular has been this app.

The awesome collection of more than 100 filters makes it easier for you to polish literally any kind of pic or selfie. It also includes features like geotagging, auto saving, filter stacking, live preview and a lot more.

Basically with this one app, you can easily change or transform any pic within a matter of few seconds. You just need to get it installed once and then you are absolutely good to go, to change any pic any time and seriously anywhere.

Just use any of these options or rotate the respective pic as per the requirement and then get ready to look your best. For girls out there who just love clicking pics or selfies, Candy Camera for Selfie also lets you beautify your pics by adding skin lightening effect along with adding stuff like mascara, eyeliner or blusher.

NOW THAT IS SERIOUSLY AWESOME! This has been one of the best features of this app till date.

You can also use the slimming function to let others know that you have lost quite a good deal of weight. Or you can also add some cool frames to any pic and just get ready to rock the social media.

candy camera for selfie

Download Candy Camera for Selfie for PC or Mac :

Getting Candy Camera for Selfie for Mac is also quite easy now. You just have to get assisted with the Android emulator Bluestack, which you can get from our offline installer.

And then keep in looking for the app Candy Camera for Selfie. Soon after getting it, proceed to download. After the download, you have to install the app. When all done, start enjoying editing any image on your PC!

No, don’t stay vague thinking that Candy Camera for Selfie includes only these features. No! Perfectly knowing that not all pics can be clicked with the required lighting and other conditions, Candy Camera for Selfie provides you with options like brightness and contrast adjustment levels.

With the help of these features, you can seriously brighten any pic. Moreover, you can also adjust the other stuff like saturation, lomo effect, mosaic function, cropping and resolution.

I hope that you enjoyed this guide to get Candy Camera Selfie for PC eaisly.

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