How to Download Twickets for Mac

You know how fast tickets to concerts and other musical events in London and other cities of UK sell off. In fact, in cases where the event is heavily advertised and involves known celebrities and musicians, you could be surprised (and disappointed) to find that all tickets have been sold inside 15 minutes slot of the sale.

If you are a big fan of musical and sporting events and never miss a chance to attend them, here is finally an app that helps you to secure your admission rights even if all the tickets have been sold. Yes, I am talking about Twickets, an app that has now been made available on Mac platform.

Twickets for Mac will certainly be a big relief to all people who do not make use of an iPhone or an Android based mobile phone.

twickets for mac

What is Twickets on Mac:

If you are still not aware of Twickets, it is a wonderful app that allows you to get alerts for tickets available to the concerts and other events taking place in your city or a nearby area. It is actually a platform that can be used by both the sellers as well as buyers.

There are times when people are unable to attend a show or event after buying tickets because of this or the other reason. They can now sell their tickets to people who have this app downloaded in their mobile phones (and now even in their Mac computers).

It was a common grouse of all the people not using Android and Apple mobiles that they were not able to benefit from Twickets. These people had to remain dependent upon touts or reselling sites that sold tickets at a premium.

But now, even Mac users can get tickets to the much awaited gig or concert after they find that all tickets have been sold. This is because of the availability of Twickets for Mac. To get this on your mac, follow the instructions below:

  • Download and install Bluestacks.
  • Now, open it and search for ‘Twickets’.
  • When found install it on your Mac.

twickets on mac

Install Twickets for Mac:

Twickets has become extremely popular among the people across the globe, because of a unique feature that allows people to get tickets to events at face value or less. This was not possible till now as secondary sites always sold tickets at a premium.

But this fact confirms the fact that Twickets has been designed by fans for the fans. As soon as someone posts information about tickets at disposal, it is relayed through the Twitter page of Twickets to all the members. This means that one gets information in real time provided they makes use of Twitter frequently.

You can open the app and go to the desired concert or event by making use of filters. This way you can know instantly if there are any tickets available through Twickets for Mac for a particular event or not.

Download Twickets in your Mac today to stay connected with all the music and sporting events and also to get tickets even after the show or event has been declared house full.

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