8 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 In India 2022

Planning to purchase the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000?

Here is a list of the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 in India with all the crucial features.

Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 In India 2022

1. Oneplus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Earphone

In my personal view, the Oneplus Bullets Z is one of the best Bluetooth earphones under 2000 in India 2022. OnePlus is a brand that we all associate with various models of phones. This brand has overtaken the phone market with its exceptional camera quality and multiple features. But that’s not all that the brand has manufactured. The Bullets Z Bass is one of the earphones that the brand manufactures. This earphone is inculcated with high-class Bluetooth. 

As the name suggests, the OnePlus Bullets Wireless can be connected with the help of Bluetooth v5.0. This way, you can connect to numerous earphones by tapping on the Bluetooth icon. The wireless earphones help you roam around everywhere without carrying the earphone to which it is connected. 

The IP55 helps in preventing the earphones from sweat and water. This means that the next time you work out, you can use the earphones for any background music without having to worry about damage to the earphone. This earphone is designed in color black. 

2. Sony Wi-c200 Wireless Earphone 

Sony is widely popular in the TV and phone market. But they also have manufactured earphones that will help you change your life in ways unknown. The Sony Wi-c200 is one of the premium Bluetooth earphones under 2000. The WI-C200 is designed in the colors white and black. Both colors elude class and can be carried with any outfit. The earphones’ outer side is made so that it only provides comfort and flexibility. 

The overall design is lightweight, which provides comfort all day long. The buds are incorporated with a magnet to stick together when you are not using them, and they do not sway away from each other. Multifunction buttons to the sides of the earphones can pick up a call, increase or decrease the volume, and pause the audio. 

The tangle-free design of the earphones will help you listen to music throughout the day without any hassle. The earphone offers a battery life of up to 15 hours a day with the help of a quick charging system. The mics installed in the earphones will help you take calls freely without manually doing it. You can easily activate Google Assistant and Siri if you long press the multi-function button. 

3. Sennheiser CX 120BT Earphone

The Sennheiser CX 120BT is an affordable Bluetooth earphone one can get for under 2000 in the market. The CX delivers clear audio quality that helps in clear conversation and music listening capacity. The Sennheiser is designed to provide maximum comfort so that you can use the earphones all day long without any pain and hesitation. 

The earphones are Bluetooth 4.1, which helps connect to any other earphone. Unlike other earphones on the list, the CX allows you to connect to multiple earphones simultaneously. That’s right! You can now connect your earphones to different earphones and enjoy music from other earphones. The earphones have multi-function buttons on one side, with the help of which you can change the music, pick a call, or increase and decrease the volume. 

The earphones can last 6 hours on a single charge and take approximately 1.5 hours to recharge. This way, you can use them all day long after a single charge. The earphone also comes with an interchangeable ear tips of different sizes. The difference in size helps in maintaining the authenticity of the earphones. 

4. JBL Tune 215BT Earphone

JBL Tune is the latest Bluetooth earphone from JBL under 2000 in India in 2022. You all must have heard the name JBL everywhere. The company makes world-class speakers and earphones. One such earphone manufactured by the company is the Tune 215BT. The earphones elude class and utility at the same time. The Tune allows you to have life-like conversations even if heavy traffic noises are in your background. 

Usually, when you want to switch between earphones to connect your earphone, the amount of time taken can be more. But with JBL Tune, you can easily switch between different earphones within seconds. With the help of just one click, you can now activate the voice assistant that is on your phone. This way, you don’t have to, again and again, open your phone to do it. 

In full charge, this earphone can go on for 16 hours. And with a quick charge of 10 mins, you can listen for an hour without lagging and interruptions. The bass system incorporated in the earphones will offer a sound system like no other. With this help, you can listen to every type of music; pop, rock, acoustic, or even hip hop. If you want to feel like you are in a theatre, just plug in the earphones for all the feels. 

5. Boat Rockerz 330 Earphone

boAt Rockerz 330 Wireless Earphone
2.490,00₹ ₹1,099.00


  • 10 minutes of charge =10 hours of playtime
  • High-grade silicone finish
  • IPX5 resistance
09/23/2022 02:44 pm GMT

Boat Rockerz 330 is the recent addition to our best Bluetooth earphones under the 2000 list. The boat is known for manufacturing premium earphones that look classy and are also great at the utility. The most famous line from the brand is the Rockerz line, where there are different earphones for various purposes. The Rockerz 330 is a lightweight earphone you can use all day long without feeling pain.   

By purchasing the Rockerz 330, one can get 30 hours of playback on a single charge. This way, you can listen to music, podcasts, news, and other audio platforms. The earphones are designed in a premium silicone material that does not cause any rashes. The control panel of the earphone is made of metal so that it lasts longer, and you need not change it again and again. 

The earbuds are incorporated with magnets so that when you are not using them, you can store them properly with care. The Dual pairing technique helps you pair the earphones’ control panels to two different earphones where you can stream your preferred choice of audio. 

You can now command and fulfill your needs hands-free, where you have to press the function button. The IPX5 will protect your earphones from water and sweat. This way, you can also use earphones while working out and walking. 

6. Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo Earphone

Realme Buds Neo is a stylish Bluetooth earphone you can buy for under 2000 in India. We all have seen many different models of RealMe phones. All the phones manufactured by them elude class and functionality. But the brand did not stop producing phones. They have come up with earphones that will be highly beneficial to consumers. The Buds 2 Neo is designed in black and yellow, which looks unique and special. 

There are rare earphones that offer the feature of gaming mode that is taught in them. Not all earphones on the list would provide you with super dynamic bass. But the Buds 2 Neo does. The 11.2mm Bass Boost Driver ensures that every sound passed through the earphones is full of bass, and you will get an immersive experience. 

With the help of the RealMe Link app, you can easily activate the gaming mode, which will sync the audio to the video while gaming without lagging and interruptions. The Buds Neo comes with ENC technology (Environmental Noise Cancellation), enabling you to talk smoothly even during peak hours of traffic and noise. 

The IPX4 will ensure that no sweat or water will disturb you while listening to your favorite track. The Buds are super lightweight, making them easy to use and carry everywhere. 

7. Boat Rockerz 255 PRO+ Earphone

We have already established that most of the earphones from the brand Boat are exemplary. Boat Rockerz 255 is another popular Bluetooth earphone from Boat under 2000 in India 2022. The Rockerz 255 Pro+ is yet another model from the line of Rockerz. This particular earphone is designed in black, making it look modern and contemporary. The outer surface of the earphones is made of premium silicone material so that the earphone lasts for a long time. 

With the technology of ASAP charge, you can get up to 10 hours of playback by just charging them for 10 minutes. Since the introduction of wireless earphones, one does not have to deal with the tangling of wires. The Rockerz 255 Pro+ ensures you do not have to detangle your earphones before using them. The earphones can be connected to two earphones at the same time. 

In total, you can get 40 hours of playback so that they can last long for almost 2 days. The Integrated controls on the earphones help you pause the music, pick up a call, and increase or decrease the volume. Not only this, but you can also activate voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri. The low latency offers non-stop audio which goes about all day. 

8. Boat Rockerz 385V2 Earphone

Our Pick
boAt Rockerz 385v2 Bluetooth Earphone
  • Overall Best Neckband Under 2000 in India
  • 40 Hours of Playback Time
  • 10 Minutes of Charge = 10 Hours of Playtime

Last but not least, the Rockerz 385v2 offers unique features which are super helpful for your everyday life. Unlike other earphones on the list, this earphone is powered with the help of Qualcomm CVC. Now you may wonder what this is. This technology offers noise cancellation whenever you are on call. So the next time you are on call, you can talk freely without any disturbances and interruptions. 

The magnet inculcated in both earbuds helps keep them together, unlike tangling them, which would cause chaos later on. The Boat signature sound will ensure fantastic audio quality whenever you plug in the earphones. One can get battery life for 10 hours on just 10 minutes of charge. If you want to step out, charge the earphones for 10 minutes, and you are ready to go. 

But in total, you get a total of 40 hours of battery. The leather band of the earphones helps you provide comfort without causing any pain or rashes. The IPX6 prevents the earphones from any sweat or water. This means that you can wear them while working out also. With the Slide Power switch, one can easily change the music or control everything hands-free. 

Best Bluetooth Earphone Under 2000 In India

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Which Is The Best Bluetooth Earphone Under 2000 In India 2022? 

After jotting down the best 8 Bluetooth earphones, we have streamlined it further for your convenience. The 3 earphones that you must think about purchasing are; 

The JBL Tune 215BT will provide a theatre-like experience by just plugging in the earphones. If you are looking for an earphone that showcases extraordinary battery life, then the Boat Rockerz 255 Pro+ is a perfect match for you. The earphone can last for 40 hours after charging for just 10 minutes!

And the last earphone that we would recommend is the RealMe Bud Wireless. The earphone comes with ENC technology which means that you can talk freely without having any noises in the background as the earphone blocks any unnecessary noise. 

So what are you waiting for? Purchase from any of these or the best 8 and have a fantastic audio experience! 

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