10 Best Earphones Under 1000 In India 2022

Which is the best earphone to purchase under my budget? If this is your question, we have covered you with our list.

Indulge in the article to know more about the brands listed under the best earphones under 1000 in India.

Best Earphones Under 1000 In India 2022

1. Sony MDR-EX150AP Headphone 

From my honest review, I would suggest Sony as the overall best earphones under 1000. As we all know, Sony is a successful brand that has manufactured some classy TV sets, phones, and cameras with the latest technology. 

This product is designed in blue and silver, which looks elegant and classy. It also comes with an in-built mic which will guide you in making a conversation. But the brand has also come up with wired earphones that can be helpful in your daily activities. 

The In-line feature lets you pick up a call while listening to music on the device. The product also has 6 different colors. The Smart Key App will allow you to personalize your headset, where you can control the volume and mic button. The lightweight quality of the product makes sure that you can use earphones daily. 

The silicone earbuds also come in different sizes from where you can choose your perfect fit. It offers a balanced sound that does not pain your ear if you listen for long hours. The wire manager given with the earphones makes sure that your earphones do not get tangled with themselves. 

2. JBL Endurance Run Sports Wired Earphones

JBL is one such brand that solely started manufacturing earphones when no one else had started. They made premium products at affordable prices. Being a popular brand, JBL is my next overall best earphone under 1000. As the name suggests, the Endurance Run is specially made for people who are fond of workouts and exercise. This earphone, unlike others, is made sweatproof and waterproof. The silicone earbuds are a comfortable fit even if worn for a long time. 

The Flipbook technology lets you choose how to wear the earphone, in-ear and behind-the-ear. The earphones come with IPX5. This technology helps in preventing the earphones from any sweat or water. You can do high-intensity workouts while listening to your preferred music. 

The technologies Twistlock and FlexSoft ensure that there is no pain caused due to earbuds. You can also pick up a call and talk hands-free by pressing the multi-functional button. The earbuds are incorporated with magnets. These magnets prevent the earphones from getting tangled when you are not using them. A long press of the functional button enables you to activate Siri and Google Assistant. 

3. MI 25083 Wired in Ear Earphone

Next to JBL, I would recommend Mi as it gave me the comfort and output I loved most.

Mi, as we all know, is known for exceptional phones incorporating the latest technology. They also come with many different apps that are highly beneficial to all. But they also have started manufacturing earphones that are wired. The earphones are designed in the color blue. It delivers rich bass and crisp treble. Dual drivers focus on all frequencies that deliver a complete sound experience. 

The premium design of the earphones enables you to use them on whichever smartphone device. The earphone also helps in passive noise cancellation. This allows you to talk freely without disturbing the surrounding background noise. The cable of the earphone comes with a tangle-free braided plate. It ensures that the earphones do not get tangled easily when you are not using them. 

It offers extreme comfort with its anti-slip earplugs. It perfectly fits the contour of your ear. The product also comes with a 3-button operation. With the help of this button, you can increase or decrease the volume, pick a call, or activate voice assistant. The voice assistant will be enabled by pressing longer on the button. 

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4. JBL C200SI Deep Bass in-Ear Headphones

I have tried another product from JBL that gets equal weightage in the best earphones under 1000, JBL C200SI.  As seen earlier, JBL is considered to be a maverick when it comes to manufacturing earphones and headphones. The brand also offers a pure bass sound that no other brand provides. The C200SI has a pure metallic body which prevents it from corroding or rusting. The lightweight product makes it easy to use all day long without causing much pain to the ear inside and outside. 

This wired earphone is compatible with any Android device. In order to operate the earphone, you can plug in where the port is given in the device. The noise cancellation that the earphone offers helps in listening to music and talking to other people without any unnecessary background noises. This means that you can talk during heavy traffic as well. 

The earphone also has one universal button that enables you to isolate the earphone from unwanted noises. This way, you can control when and how you want to isolate the earphones. The C200SI is also compatible with Google Assistant, which will help you to manage your tasks hands-free. 

5. JBL C100SI Wired In-Ear Headphones

JBL., a true headphone competitor, has another massive product in the list of best earphones under 1000 – JBL C100SI.

You may wonder why we have included a similar product just like before. But as they say, ‘it’s more than meets the eye; this earphone is exactly like that. On the exterior, the earphone can look like C200SI, but the C100SI is an entirely different product from the brand JBL. This earphone is made in color black, which looks classy and elegant. It is a wired earphone that needs to be plugged into the device where the port is given in the smartphone. 

The earphone offers deep bass, ensuring that every song played on the earphone has a deep bass without any echo and static sound. The microphone comes up with noise cancellation, ensuring you can talk on the earphone while standing in heavy traffic. The earphones also come with 3 different ear tips, which allow you to choose which one to wear. 

The one-button remote microphone enables you to do the above-mentioned noise cancellation technique. It comes with a premium metallic finish that prevents the product from getting rusty. It also makes a fashion statement when worn in public.

6. Sony MDR-EX15AP In-Ear Stereo Headphones

As a lightweight lover, I also reviewed Sony MDR-EX15AP, which made me add the product to the best earphones list. As seen earlier, Sony is a premium brand for any electronic product. Apart from TV sets, phones, and cameras, it has started manufacturing earphones that inculcate high facilities, which can be utterly beneficial in day-to-day tasks. The MDR-EX15AP comes in blue, which may seem like a bold color at first but is a style statement for many. It is a lightweight product that can be worn all day long without pain or rashes. 

The microphone that is included in both the earbuds helps in having a smooth conversation without any disturbance. Since the earphones are wired, you can listen to music on the go. The 9mm Neodymium drivers produce pure bass and clarity. One can easily switch from listening to music to picking up a call with just one touch. The earbuds are comfortable silicone, which does not hurt the ear. 

The earphone comes with a wire manager. This wire manager ensures that the earphone does not get tangled at any cost. If the earphone gets tangled, it may affect the internal system altogether. This product also comes in 5 different colors. 

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7. realme Wired in Ear Buds 2

Just like Sony, RealMe is a compatible earphone choice for you, in my view.

RealMe has been producing numerous smartphones that are imbibed with the latest technology. But it has also started the manufacture of wired earphones that can be plugged in and used on the go while traveling or working out. The product is designed in green, which looks unique rather than the simple black and blue colors. This product has an 11.2mm bass boost driver that consists multi-layer diaphragm. 

The inline remote features included in the earphone help in picking up calls. This product is compatible with any Android device where you have to use the plugin on the port provided in every smartphone. These earphones will not tangle pretty easily as they are made of a premium metallic body, which also lasts longer and prevents rust or corroding. 

The earphones overall have a matte finish with a streamlined and elegant design. The three tactic buttons help the user pick the call and increase or decrease the volume of any audio track. The premium neckband also ensures that they will not get tangled. The metal string is also pretty sturdy.  

8. Lenovo 100, in-Ear Wired Headphones

The next brand on the list is Lenovo, a leading electronics brand in India. It also has manufactured earphones which are beneficial in every aspect. The Lenovo 100 is one such earphone that is wired. It means it does not operate on Bluetooth but has to be plugged in to listen to music or talk. The 9mm drivers deliver perfect bass and clarity to the listener without any disturbance whatsoever. 

The earbuds are made of a unique half-in-ear design that provides utmost comfort. The overall design of the earphone looks quite elegant and classy. The omnidirectional microphone gives clarity to every word that is spoken on the earphone. This design does not feel very heavy on the ear, and you can listen to music all day long without ear pain or headache. 

A multi-functional button is provided on the side of the earphone through which you can change the track or pick a call. The noise cancellation technique prevents any noise from entering the earphone that may cause disturbance to the speaker and the listener. 

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9. Panasonic Extra Bass in-Ear Wired Earphone

Panasonic, the electronic giant, has become the next earphone brand under 1000 to grab the user’s heart. 

Now it has also been producing some earphones that will be highly beneficial to every consumer. Unlike other products, the Panasonic Extra Bass comes in unique colors like gold, crimson, olive green, white, and classic blue and black. These colors look elegant and classy once you start using them daily.

Just as the name suggests, the earphone provides extra bass to every sound that is played on the earphone. The XBS (Extra Bass System) optimizes airflow that reproduces a low-range production. In simpler terms, this system helps in providing the sound a depth ness that is lacked sometimes by various earphones. The overall design of the earphone looks very sleek and elegant. 

The in-line remote is imbibed with a mic optimized for any soundtrack. It also enables you to have hands-free conversations with other people. The earphone’s shape is designed so that it only offers comfort and nothing else. It also ensures that you get a comfortable fit. The earbuds are also provided in three sizes, small, medium, and large, according to the consumer’s preference. 

10. Philips Audio Headphones

And the last earphone brand under 1000 that we have on the list is Philips Audio. Now you may wonder that Philips is in the market of manufacturing items like irons, straighteners, and other valuable things daily, so how come it has manufactured an item like earphones? Though it may sound unusual, the product’s design is very stylish and lightweight, which helps in using earphones all day long. 

The earphones are specially made to deliver a balanced sound system that feels natural to the listener’s ears and does not sound very loud or bold. It reveals every minute detail of the soundtrack played on the earphone. The design is also quite durable for a simple earphone. 

The built-in controls allow the listeners to switch between music and call with just one tap. The depth of the earphone is also notable. The premium metallic finish of the earbuds looks very elegant and classy. The product comes with interchangeable earbuds according to the different sizes of the consumers. 

Which Are The Best Earphones Under 1000?

These were the top 10 earphones under 1000. All the earphones are manufactured from premium brands that guarantee functionality as well as the best designs. Earphones have become essential to everyone’s life as they allow privacy, better sound quality, and the ability to listen to anything in public. 

The product that we will be suggesting to you is Panasonic Extra Bass. These earphones will provide the best bass and premium sound quality which will get you hooked on every music that you hear. Don’t delay and purchase this product now and start grooving! 

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