10 Best Earphones Under 2000 In India 2022

Not all earphones are expensive. Though searching and picking the best earphones under 2000 takes time, you will value their worth. 

Do not worry! Out of my personal experience, I have listed down the best earphones under 2000 for you.

Best Earphones Under 2000 In India 2022

1. Sony MDR-XB55 Headphones

Honestly, from my review, I would recommend Sony MDR -XB55 as the overall best earphones under 2000. Sony is a well-established brand for any electronic products in the market. The products are known for their long-lasting factor, latest technology, and characteristics that help us daily. The MDR-XB55 is one such product from the brand: wired earphones. These earphones are made in color black, which looks quite chic and contemporary. They are made especially with extra bass technology. 

The extra bass helps in delivering high bass in any scenario on any audio track that it feels like you are in an actual club or concert. The 12mm Neodymium drivers help in delivering powerful and balanced sound. This lightweight product helps you use earphones all day long without causing pain and rashes to your neck and ear. 

The product comes with silicone earbuds that are super comfortable for your ears inside and outside. Not only this, you can get 3 pairs of earbuds in different sizes from which you can choose your preferred size. 

2. Sennheiser CX 80s Earphones

Sennheiser, the electronic manufacturer, is the next best earphone brand under 2000 included on my list.  The CX 80s is a wired earphone that is super comfortable and can be used for playing music for a long time or even all day long. This product offers balanced music that is not too loud or too slow. It is also uncompressed, which makes it unique amongst all the products on the list. 

With the help of the smart remote, you can easily manage all the calls and music tracks. The earphone is designed in black, looks chic, and can also be used as a style statement. The earbuds also fit perfectly as one does not have to worry about falling off the earphones repeatedly. 

The earphones also isolate themselves when you are on a call or want to talk freely without any disturbances. The noise cancellation system is very apt, so you can now talk easily during peak traffic hours without any unwanted noise in the background. 

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3. JBL Quantum Gaming Headphones 

As JBL is a famous brand, I was eager while try JBL earphones under 500. JBL was amongst the first companies that started the production of premium earphones, both wired and non-wired.

The products from JBL are considered to be quite expensive, but it is worth every penny as it offers some of the best features. The brand is also known for its attention to detail. The earphones can pick up even the smallest details in the music track that can sometimes be lost when played on different sound systems. 

The brand patents the ergonomic design with the help of TwistLock technology. This technology helps secure earbuds and does not fall off your ears even if you are working out while using the earphones. This product also offers a cable length adjuster, which enables you to keep the cable at your preferred length. 

The in-line focus microphone is optimized for the multi-player gaming system. So if you are into gaming and looking for an earphone that can be used to play and talk during the games, then the JBL Quantum is your product. The earphone can also be used as a mono use when you don’t want to use both earbuds. 

4. Sony MDR-EX150AP Headphones

Sony, my favorite brand, comes next in the list of best earphones under 500.

Sony is a flourishing brand that has created some classy TV sets, phones, and cameras implanted with the latest technology. But the brand has also developed wired earphones that can be essential in your daily activities. This product is designed in blue and silver that looks very sophisticated and classy. It also comes with an in-built mic which will guide you in making a conversation. 

The silicone earbuds also come in different sizes from where you can choose your perfect fit. It offers a harmonious sound that does not pain your ear if you listen for long hours. The wire manager given with the earphones makes sure that your earphones do not get tangled with themselves. 

The product’s lightweight characteristic ensures you can use earphones daily. The In-line characteristic enables you to pick up a call while listening to music on the device. The product also has 6 distinct colors. The Smart Key App will empower you to personalize your headset, where you can command the volume and mic buttons. 

5. Philips Audio Headphones

Philips, the all-rounder in the electronic world, has occupied its place in my best earphones list.

We all must have heard of the brand Philips in many products like straighteners, curling iron, irons, and many other electronic products. One such product from the brand is Audio.

Philips is a wired earphone that is incorporated with the latest technology. They are specially designed for producing natural sounds. It also reveals every detail the artist wanted to express and does not miss any beat. 

The metallic finish of the earphones looks stylish. Not only looks, but the product also provides the utmost comfort to your ear and neck. The enhanced bass system of the earphones offers high bass to any audio track played on the earphones. Other than bass, it also offers depth to every sound. 

The built-in controls on one side of the earphones enable you to switch from a music track to pick up a call with just one tap. You can also change the track or increase or decrease the volume of the track. The earbuds also offer comfort with interchangeable silicone cases that come in different sizes. 

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6. Skullcandy Inkd Plus Earphone  

SkullCandy, the following unique earphone under 2000, never failed to amaze me with its elegant design and audio output.

SkullCandy is a brand you may not have heard of, but it also includes some fantastic characteristics. The product is designed in white, which looks contemporary and elegant. The logo of the brand ‘skull’ is imprinted on the earbuds, which looks unique and different from other regular earbuds. One can easily call and track the music with the help of the controls on one side of the earphone. 

The earbuds also inculcate noise cancellation fit. The noise cancellation system enables you to have a noise-free calling even during traveling. The noise cancellation ensures that no unwanted noise or sound from the background is passed through the earphones giving you complete privacy while conversing. 

It also offers a microphone with the help of which you can easily converse with other people. The benefit of having a microphone is that you can get hands-free talking even if you are walking and doing your daily errands. 

7. Apple Earpods 

Apple. Whenever we hear this name, our mind wanders to class, sophistication, and elegance. Apple is a premium brand when it comes to electronic items and products. The products are far from ordinary and offer amazing products that last long and give a sense of pride and honor. Apple Earpods are my super classy pick in the best earphones list. 

The Apple EarPods is one product from the brand that looks chic and elegant. Though it is a wired earphone, it still manages to steal the spotlight as it has ‘Apple’ in front of its name. 

Unlike other earbuds on the list shaped in circles, these are a bit unconventional as they adorn a geometric shape. The shape of the earphone is quite attractive as it does not follow the traditional path of circular ones. You may think the shape may be uncomfortable, but they are super comfortable. 

The EarPods are engineered to maximize the sound levels of any audio track. Along with maximizing, it also minimizes other unwanted noise that passes through the earphones and disturbs the entire sound experience. The built-in remote lets you control all the functions with just one touch or click. 

8. Sony MDR-EX255AP Headphones 

The product from Sony that I have included in the list is the MDR-EX255AP.  The earphones are wired and designed so that they can be used all day long without feeling any pain or irritation in the ears. They are also pretty lightweight and allow being carried everywhere with ease. Not one, but you can get four different colors to choose from that match your style and choice. The colors are red, blue, white, and black. 

The 12mm Neodymium Drivers offer the listeners a balanced and ambient sound. The sounds passed through the earphone acquire a special sound that amplifies them. The design of the earphones also stands out as they have silver color to the earbuds. The fit of the earphones is perfect and prevents them from falling off. 

The earbuds are made from silicone. This material is known to be super comfortable and durable. It also comes with a wire manager that ensures that your earphones will not get tangled at any given point, even if you put them in your bag without folding them properly. The earbuds also have a metallic finish that looks super chic and contemporary. 

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9. Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd Wired in Ear Headphones 

Beyerdynamic Beat is my next earphone choice for you as I was carried away by its experience.

You may wonder why I have included a product that cannot even be pronounced correctly. The Beyerdynamic Beat offers a wired earphone designed in a unique color; orange. The color makes the product stand out amongst other ordinary colors. This product is mainly known for punchy bass. This bass system produces the perfect bass for any soundtrack, no matter how low the sound is in terms of bass. 

The cable of the earphone is one major part of which the brand sells the product. It is made with a material that does not tangle by itself. The material and the cable also have zig-zag distortions, which keep them from each other all the time. This makes them easy to wear around the neck when you are not using them. 

The fit and comfort of the product are top-notch with all the necessary characteristics. But unlike other products that offer a mic to make hands-free calls, this product does not provide a mic that is in-built into it. This product can only be used to listen to music or any other audio track. 

10. Pioneer Fully Enclosed Dynamic Headphones 

Pioneer is the last product on my list that I think deserves to be amongst the best earphones under 2000.  The earphones are pretty compact and can be carried anywhere with ease. The product comes in six different colors to choose from. Each color stands out on its own. The earbuds adorn large dynamic drivers. These drivers produce the perfect bass that is sometimes missing from any audio track. One can find the perfect beat with the help of this product. 

The product’s earbuds are designed to be angled to fit. Angled-to-fit refers to the shape of the earbuds that are precisely designed like that of an actual ear. It also helps to keep the earphones in one place without falling off repeatedly. The earphones’ cable is quite thick, which offers durability to the product. 

The ear tips of the product come in different sizes to choose from. They offer a comfortable fit to different ears. The control function of the product enables you to take, reject, or end calls. You can do all this without using your hands and with the help of just one tap. The noise cancellation technique of the product is also quite commendable and reliable.

Which Are The Best Earphones Under 2000?

These top 10 earphones under 2000 offer some of the best features and characteristics that add value to your daily life. But I went ahead and suggested the best product amongst all of them. 

The Pioneer Fully Enclosed Earphones is one of the best earphones that offer the best quality in terms of microphone and music offering quality. You can also choose from 6 different colors which will upgrade your look, style, and fashion statement altogether. 

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