Amazon Gets Kindle Lending Club Change Its Name to BookLending

Early in the year, Amazon launched a new feature that allows Kindle users to lend books to another user for two weeks. This was where KindleLendingClub came into play, as the website is built as a hub that connects those who are looking to borrow certain titles and those who are lending them out.

KindleLendingClub 1 1

Fast forward to the present, it seems that the website has gotten too big that even Amazon has started getting uncomfortable. The online retailer has recently asked the website to rebrand, which they did. What was once known as KindleLendingClub, is now known as

To say that the site was popular would be an understatement. Within a couple of days of its launch, the former KindleLendingClub attracted no less than 12,000 people — eager to borrow and lend titles. They can also request to borrow books in the hope that some members will oblige.

We’re guessing that the name change will not affect the website’s popularity. While it’s been forced to change the name, using the Kindle name in the first place was a rather smart move as it gave them the huge number of members it’s currently enjoying.

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